Our Properties

Beautiful Family Home For Sale – $500 000

3 bedroom, 2-bathroom family home in the suburbs. Spacious kitchen ideal for family gatherings and hosting parties. Large backyard for playing and pets. Spacious living area and dining room. Lovely home for a family with kids. Close to schools and major shopping centers.

Majestic Estate For Sale – $10, 200, 000

Beautiful and majestic estate on the outskirts of town. Large property with main house and outbuildings. The house has 8 bedrooms, 5 en-suite bathrooms, and 4 extra bathrooms. Indoor swimming pool and gym. 3 large living areas and dining room. Very spacious kitchen and laundry rooms. Huge gardens surround the main house. Stables and worker’s houses on the property. Study and a small library.

Flats To Rent – $2,500

Two flats available. Close to schools and universities. Each has 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. Small living area and a kitchen. Top floor has a small balcony and bottom floor has a small garden. Parking bays available for 1 car per flat. Ideal for a small family or for students to share.

Commercial Property/ Office Space To Rent – $250

Several offices available to rent. Combined can be good operation center for a small business. Kitchen area also available. Also good for single persons who need extra office space or starting a business.

Quaint Cottage To Rent – $2000

Ideal for retired or newly-wed couple. 1,5 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. Open plan kitchen and dining area. Living area with small patio. Small garden and parking garage. Close to all main amenities. Lovely neighborhood.