Hello World: A Contractor’s Eye-Opening Advice for Home Improvement Jobs

Home improvement projects can increase the value of your home if done correctly. However, there are things that can cause chaos and big problems. A contractor who has been in the business for a long time shares his advice for home improvement. He says that there are certain things that you absolutely should not do. It is always a good idea to get a professional opinion before doing a big home improvement project. Let’s see what he says.

Decision Making

Make all decisions before you start. Even the small things like paint color, types of fittings and faucet design, tiles, etc. should be set. When any of these things are not decided or if a delivery is late, it will cause a delay in the whole process. Certain things need to happen before others can. It becomes a break in the chain and causes a lot of frustration.

Be careful with changes

You will probably at some point change your mind. This is fine as long it is not every few hours. A whole plan needs to be adjusted. A change usually has extra costs involved and may also cause delays.

Make sure improvement is the best option

Some houses can be improved by simple things. Others might be better off knocked down and rebuilt. If your house has a sagging roof, new cabinets or floors will not help. Rather spend the money to fix the roof.

Have backup funds

It hardly ever happens that a project budget is absolutely accurate. Most of the time, the costs are more than expected. If you made all your decisions ahead of time and planned properly the extra costs should be minimal. Be prepared for the inevitable.

Pets and kids

If someone is coming to do the improvements for you, keep the pets and the kids out of the way. The contractor and workers will accommodate them, but it is dangerous. Kids and pets should steer clear of the construction area as they can get injured or cause accidents.

Stay somewhere else

If you are remodeling your whole house or a large part of it, try to live somewhere else for the duration of construction. This could be expensive and an inconvenience, but it helps. If friends or family can take you in, live with them for a few days or weeks. It will keep you sane. The noise and mess going on during construction will drive anyone crazy.

Work with a plan

Whether you are doing the job or hiring a contractor, there needs to be a plan. Some projects require the input of an architect, interior designer, electrician, or builder. A floor plan that shows power outlets, plumbing, etc. is necessary before work starts. You need to be sure that what you want will work. A plan helps to direct the work and give a picture of what needs to happen.

A lot of this advice is relevant to when someone does the work for you. These are good things to remember. It will make the process go faster and save you from frustration.