Estate Agent Versus Private Sale: 3 Things To Consider Before Deciding To Sell Your House Privately

Most of us will move house at least once or twice in our lifetimes. This can be quite an undertaking if you don’t know where to begin. Many homeowners have opted for selling their homes privately. The benefit of that is that you save on the commission fees that real estate agents charge. On the other hand, selling a house is a big deal. Real estate agents sell houses for a living every day. They have a lot experience and know how to negotiate. There are pros and cons to both ways. Here are a few things to consider before you decide to sell privately.


Real estate agents can negotiate better prices. They can sell a property based on knowledge of the area, by selling a lifestyle that the house will bring, and other marketing tools. They have the talent to sell a house through pictures and the possibilities that it holds.

Reaching Qualified Buyers

Estate agents have a process they follow with potential buyers. They request financial documents and can verify where the money for buying is coming from. They know people and have good instincts about buyers. They will know who isn’t serious.

Save Time

Selling your house privately will require you to be available for appraisers to come to your house. You will have to place advertisements and contact people. You will have to answer calls and emails and sift through offers. You will need to be home to show the property to potential buyers. Some people don’t have the time for this. Between work and family, it is often not possible. This is where a real estate agent makes things easier and saves you time. This is what they do and they do it well.

In the end, you need to decide whether you are willing to pay the commission fee or not. If not, you will need to make time for this process. All the information you need about appraisals and advertising your house can be found online.